Pilar Robles

Pilar Robles

Pilari Robles is the youngest sister & also the junior member of the group.

At the age of 7 she enters the CEM de MA obtaining an elementary piano grade certificate.

Later, from to, she continues her piano studies in CSMS. By the time she abandons regulated music studies she has spent more than ten years playing.

Then, in 1990 she enters the EPD de MA where she receives S, V & C classes and first starts to learn flamenco dancing & el cajon.

In 2001 she starts studying in the US while she continues with her musical education.

In 2004 she moves to Paris to continue with her studies in la Sorbonne. That same year she joins Malasangre, bringing a new instrument to the group, the electric bass, infusing/instilling the musical atmosphere of the group’s repertoire with a brand new colour.

She obtains her Classic & Hispanic Philology degree specialising in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

At present she works as a Spanish language teacher in the same school where all the other group members studied.

For Pilar, the group is not a job but the best way she knows to travel around the world with her family!


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